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Johnny Søtrup, formand for Præsidiet, Ribe 1300 års jubilæum, 2010
Johnny Søtrup, formand for Præsidiet, Ribe 1300 års jubilæum, 2010

Who took the decisions, who had responsibility and who to thank. Find below all persons involved in Esbjerg Municipality's celebration of Ribe 1300 year anniversary. This is only relevant information in a historical perspective.


Duties of the Presidium
Chairman of the Presidium, Mayor Johnny Søtrup, appoint its members.
Members of the presidium was acting as ambassadors for Ribes 1300 anniversary. They are ambassadors for the rest of business and culture. The Presidium has been informed of city anniversary events and overall strategy.
Presidium had two annual meetings.


Chairman: Mayor Johnny Søtrup
Committee Jager Knud Andersen, Esbjerg Municipality
Former mayor and Mr. Rudi Preben Bjerregaard, Esbjerg Municipality
Former mayor and committee Elsted Jorgen Hansen, Esbjerg Municipality
Municipality director Otto Jespersen, Esbjerg Municipality
Director for Children and Events Jørn Henriksen, Esbjerg Municipality
Culture and Leisure Manager Mads Stendorf, Culture & Leisure
Regionsformand Carl Holst, South Denmark
Bishop Elisabeth Dons Christensen Diocese Ribe
Director Steen Hvass, Heritage Agency
Editor Peter Torp Editor Peter Orry, JydskeVestkysten
Director Tom Nielsen, Esbjerg Business
Chairman Erling Pedersen, Culture Club in Ribe
Police Director George Meyer, South and South Police
Director Ole Jorgensen, RM Group
Project coordinators: Charlotte Pindstofte Holm and Christina Balslev Jespersen.


Styregruppen Ribe 1300 års jubilæum


Steering board

Steering board tasks
Steering board members are ambassadors for Ribes 1300 anniversary and act as contacts for the rest of the business and culture of the area.
The Steering board considered the program for city anniversary. Are solved steering tasks in connection with the anniversary, and members participating in small workgroups.
There were 4 annual meetings; steering board allocates financial support to the events.



Chairman: Jørn Henriksen, Kids & Culture
Culture and Leisure Manager Mads Stendorf, Culture & Leisure
Tourist Chef Charlotte Gantzel, Esbjerg Business
Bureau Director Jane Madvig Brøndum, Ribe Tourist Office
Responsible. editor Ole Lauridsen, WEEK-newspaper Ribe
Local Moderator Paul Desvignes Willadsen, JydskeVestkysten
Director Ms. Mejdahl, Southwest Jutland Museums
Museum Manager Dagmar Warming, Ribe Kunstmuseum
Local Libraries Hanne Poulsen, Ribe Library
Chairman Henry Tank Baaskjær, Ribe Chamber of Commerce, Fotex
Host Jens Philipsen, hostel in Ribe
Board member Martin Thygesen, Esbjerg Idrætsråd
Dean Jens Torkil Bak, Ribe Domprovsti
Theologian Bente Brampton, Tårnborg
Project coordinators: Charlotte Pindstofte Holm, Christian Balslev Jespersen.

Project coordinators
Do you have good ideas, questions or similar around the anniversary, you can contact the project coordinators:

Christina Balslev Jespersen Phone: +4576161867
Mobile: +4527741499
Tasks: Ribe City History, People Feast, Ribes Tales, School Systems, Royal visit, other events, sponsorships.

Charlotte Pindstofte Holm Phone: +4576161864
Mobile: +4527741492
Assignments: Finance Officer, PR and marketing, Ribe City History, Royal visit, other events, sponsorships.
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